It’s never been more important for businesses to minimise their own impact on the environment.

We’ve worked hard to champion sustainable thinking and embed it into every layer of our business and every kitchen we manufacture.

Sustainability is a key component of our product development

Our biggest impact on the environment comes through the products we sell and the way they’re used, sustainability is therefore a key issue in product innovation and product development.

We promote responsibility from our suppliers

Through collaboration we aim to enhance supplier relationships, ensure the highest quality standards and create a sustainable supply chain.

We think of sustainability in our choice of material

Wood is a great material from a quality and environmental perspective, our suppliers all strive to only source all their wood products from managed sustainable certified sources.

Reducing landfill by Recycling & Waste Management

We have processes in place to manage waste responsibly through numerous recycling programs within our business from recycling offcuts in the factory down to processing product packaging.

We are committed to achieving excellence in Health, Safety and Environment

Our production process follows a manufacturing Work Health and Safety plan, this plan sets forward ways to keep our employees healthy and safe. It provides best practice objectives to prevent accidents in the workplace, while additionaly providing directions to reduce energy consumption and raw material use, limiting the use of hazardous chemicals and reduce emissions and waste.

We strive to create a corporate culture in which everybody works to make reality of our vision of zero accident in production.

Aim High, Think Green
That’s how we’d like the world to be.

Sustainability plays an important part in the way we manufacture our kitchens, we want to minimize any negative impact from our products & processes.

So if you’re ready to to experience the Artline Kitchens difference or if you’ve got a few questions please contact our team.