Artline Kitchens’ production of high quality custom-made kitchens, combined with demand for more competitively priced modular kitchen cabinets requires the company to be versatile with its manufacturing processes.

Founded over 35 years ago by Michael Kluver, Artline Kitchens has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of quality kitchen cabinets in Australia.

Originally based in a small factory in the western Sydney suburb of Chipping Norton, Artline Kitchens has experienced steady growth over the past 35 years requiring several re-locations as the business expanded, Artline Kitchens is now based in a custom built factory in Smeaton Grange.

The continued growth experienced by Artline has been due to the relentless pursuit of its commitment to producing a high quality product, with a high level of customer service to match.

Artline Kitchens

Our Vision

Our vision revolves around Innovation, Quality & Excellence in everything we do, this makes it easy for you to deliver inspiring kitchens to your customers.

Through innovation we continue to ensure that our product range is one of the best in the industry & that our manufacturing procedures are as simple as possible, with over 35 years experience making kitchens we strive to deliver superior quality in every product we manufacture and excellence in every kitchen that leaves our factory.

This vision means we are able:

  • To provide all our customers with a product that is innovative in design, consistent in quality and offers competitive value.
  • To develop and maintain a working environment committed to safety, teamwork, advancement and professionalism.
  • To contribute to our community as an environmentally conscious manufacturer, a dependable employer and a leader in kitchen manufacturing in Australia.


Since the beginning we have focused on kitchens, we have grown based on our own strengths, ability to adapt and the quality of our product, always focusing on kitchens.

This specialisation makes it possible for us to leverage years of know-how throughout the entire manufacturing process. We are taking the lead in our industry both in terms of developing our range and purchasing experience and through our ambition to participate further in the industry into the future.

We don’t sell direct to the public and all our kitchens are manufactured exclusively for our builders, retailers and to the trade market.

We are one of the largest kitchen manufacturers in Australia and this market leading role involves responsibilities that we take seriously and express in every kitchen that leaves our factory.


Artline Kitchens has recently increased our production capabilities of our factory with the addition of a selection of state of the art machinery from HOMAG.

These new CNC machining options, drilling machine, panel saw and automated storage system has decreased production time while improving the accuracy and quality of product leaving our factory in South-West Sydney. This means that a majority of our products can be manufactured on site, contributing to faster lead times, local jobs and supporting Australian manufacturing.


The team at Artline Kitchens is made up of a highly diverse range of people from a range of industry specific backgrounds including design, cabinet making, project management, administration and building. Having a team as flexible as ours means our staff can expertly receive, process and manufacture your kitchen order.

Statistics that speak for themselves…..


500,000+ components a year


75000+ cabinets a year


5000+ kitchens a year

We are at your service, so let’s start a conversation….

If you are a project builder, kitchen showroom, tradesman or architect interested in using high quality, Australian made products, we’d love to have a conversation with you to see how we could help your business.


    We don’t sell direct to the consumer allowing us to focus on what we do best: Manufacturing kitchens exclusively for our builder & retail customers.

    So if you’re ready to to experience the Artline Kitchens difference or if you’ve got a few questions please contact our team.