Choosing the right kitchen supplier can be a challenge, NOT all of them are created equal.

Here is a few questions you need to ask yourself during your research while looking for a kitchen manufacturer,.

What do they do?

Understanding the services that the kitchen manufacture provides will help you to find a better fit for the kind of project that you want to undertake. When undergoing your search, you should consider what kind of service they offer. Do they offer the cabinets fully assembled or as a flatpack? Do they offer benchtops as well as cabinetry? Do they provide installation services or is it merely just a supply-only service?  Another important aspect is to investigate what kind of cabinetry material they use. If the cabinetry is sourced from an overseas supplier, you may run the risk of having structural faults or safety hazards associated with the cabinetry that is eventually provided to you.

Alternatively, having locally sourced material ensures that your cabinetry follows Australian standards and guidelines for its products, exactly what Artline Kitchens supply.

Experience counts?

While startups may offer the latest in products and technologies, real experience only comes with designing and installing thousands of kitchens in every fashion, finish and colour.

Companies like Artline Kitchens that have been around for decades know what it takes to build great kitchens. Artline Kitchens has been manufacturing and supplying kitchens for over 35 years, we have built a long-term relationship with suppliers, and the industry as a whole.

What type of company is it?

Large corporate or a family run business? It is no secret that family-run businesses offer the best service standards. Their pride in what they have created shows in the product and service. They genuinely care about their customers because their reputation rides on it.
Artline Kitchens is a family owned business that is large enough to compete against the big guys so it is the best of both worlds. Along with the operational wisdom and experience distilled from the older generation, new blood brings in new materials, designs, technology, and services. The result for our customers is a great experience in having their kitchen manufactured.

Is the kitchen made in the company’s own factory?

It is the era of global manufacturing. And while raw material has traditionally been sourced from all over the world, having a local manufacturing base is important in meeting quality standards and timelines. A kitchen supplier with a factory offers a seamless process from design to build to installation. Their superior control ensures high-quality raw material, good finishing, and a great end-product.

What sort of guarantee does the kitchen company offer?

You don’t buy a kitchen every day, so it’s got to look good for many years. For a guarantee to be effective a kitchen company must be confident in the quality and know that the company will be around for many years. At Artline Kitchens, we are so confident of our kitchens, we offer a 7-year guarantee.

Artline Kitchens believe in delivering the best value to every one of our retailers, and our reputation for excellent service is second-to-none. We can supply all styles of kitchens as from tradional or country as well as modern masterpieces, so we’re confident that you’ll find everything you need.

We don’t sell direct to the consumer allowing us to focus on what we do best: Manufacturing kitchens exclusively for our builder & retail customers.

So if you’re ready to experience the Artline Kitchens difference or if you’ve got a few questions please contact our team.