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Artline Kitchens

Use the online form to make a Trade Enquiry or call us on 02 4629 6100.

We will then get in touch with you to discuss your needs and go through what services Artline Kitchens can offer.

Next? Making the Decision

We know its hard, we have heard it from many of our existing customers, so ask as many question as you need

  • If you already have work ready to go we can provide quotes for you to compare.
  • We can organise for you to take a tour of our factory to see how we do things.
  • We can even arrange for you to talk to one of our existing customers who has had to make the same decision.

Take the Leap

Once you decide Artline Kitchens is for you we will:

  • Ask you to sign a Supply Agreement (and for approved customers we have Credit Application options).
  • Provide you with our catalogues, quoting & ordering program (OrderDB) all free.
    • We can also supply & install Cabinet Vision design software fully loaded with our library for a licensing fee.
  • Provide training for all our programs, initially at our office and then over the internet where required (but we have made it as simple as possible to quote your job and place an order).

Start slow or go all in, its up to you !

Send us as much work as you want, we’ve been working with retailers for so long that we really are the trusted experts when it comes to ensuring that your kitchen order runs smoothly.

We don’t sell direct to the consumer allowing us to focus on what we do best: Manufacturing kitchens exclusively for our builders, trade & retail customers.

So if you’re ready to to experience the Artline Kitchens difference or if you’ve got a few questions please contact our team.